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Monogatari Corporation Inc.

Kobayashi Yoshio
Kaji Yukio
2.739 billion
Employee Number
988 people
※Domestic 899 people
※Part-timer 9,700 people (until 6/30/2016)



Graduated from culinary school
Worked for a major Japanese restaurant as chef
After 1 year, worked for Ryokan Izu

After that, worked for chicken specialized restaurant for 8 years
Learned about management while working as shop master

Worked as area manager for Tonkatsu Dining then joined in Monogatari Corporation.

- Reason why you choose the path of culinary?
I have always dreamed of becoming a chef someday since I was still in middle school.
My house is very near to Hakeijima beach so I often went fishing with my father when I was a kid. Since that time, I have understood the joy in preparing food.
All the fishes I got are cooked by me and my family were very happy eating my dishes.
That's when I decided to follow the path of culinary.



- Please talk about good points of Monogatari Corporation
The Restaurant industry is indeed, very tough.
It has been many years since I take my career seriously and when I take a stop to look back, I always ask myself if I truly enjoy what I'm doing.

Of course, this is not about job's satisfaction or not.

I totally understand the joy of developing something from zero. Yet, the current me always think of sale and profit.

It feels different from when I was still young and passionate.

It's hard to tell this kind of thing to a company but Monogatari Corporation is just the right place where you can speak out.

Right after I joined in Monogatari Corporation, I was put in the brand new store "Yuzu An". Start from making menu, building the shop's foundation to how to make customers happy everyday, the shop has been franchised up to 50 branches.

When i want to do something, if I can state the reasons and where to start, the company will receive my idea passionately.

I think Monogatari Corporation is the company where people of the same determination come together.




- Advices to those who are planning to apply to Monogatari Corporation
Monogatari Corporation always takes care of its employee despite of their position or department.

Who they are
What they are good at
What they are not good at
Company, department, or stores always try to understand its employee like that.

Thanks to that, employees are more open to share their thoughts.

I have also spent a lot of time to talk with staffs. There was this one staff who told me he wanted to change himself but didn't know how to. Eventhough it's difficult, I started making a more flexible working environment since then.
Of course, there was failure too but by learning from failures, we were able to change.

"Never repeat the same mistake twice"
We use this motto for our future advancement.

And why do I do that? Well, because I was also been in that situation.

Experience at
Monogatari Corporation


A special invitation to Chairman Kobayashi Yoshio's seminar to all candidates who use Kojinten no Mikata job service and move on to the company's interview round.

What important is
It doesn't matter what you do
Make sure that you can talk about what you want to do

Before join in the company, let's learn about their passion.


Monogatari Corporation Inc.
Kobayashi Yoshio

Monogatari Corporation has became a major brand by franchising and FC development in just 1 generation.

Cambrian Palace
Human Force is a vital element to a company's strength~Employee's motive
Everything about Kobayashi Yoshio - the person who challenges the Restaurant industry. (Business club 10/2016 Issue)



【What we are looking for】
Has the will to make a professional career and desire to boost management skill in an active environment.
※We also welcome inexperienced candidate

Candidate must have 1 of the following requirements below

◇Value family
◇Wants to live true to oneself
◇Wants to challenge in a competitive environment
◇Wants to have more income/promotion in a major company
◇Wants to start one's own shop and make people feel happy with food


All store locations.
※The first work location will be assigned after consideration of candidate's wish


Shift 9:30~25:00 Expected working time 8 hours/day
(Ex: 【1】9:30~18:30【2】11:30~20:30【3】16:00~25:00)


9 days off/month (110 days/year)
New Year (all shops closed during New Year)
Leave of absence (10 days for first year)
7-day Leave once a year
※Use of Leave of Absence rate is 97.8% in 2016
※We aim to reach 100% this year.


【Yearly Income】3,300,000~6,000,000 Yen
【Monthly Income】212,000~442,000 Yen

◇Salary Rise: 1 time/year
◇Bonus: 2 times/year (June, December)
※Average bonus is 4 months of salary in 2012
・Shop Master: 4,300,000~5,500,000 Yen/year
・Area Manager: 5,300,000~6,500,000 Yen/year
・Business Manager: 6,500,000~8,000,000 Yen/year


Salary rise once per year (April)
Bonus 2 times/year (June, December)
Travel Expenses
Over-time Allowance
Family Allowance
Position Allowance
Single Allowance (62,000Yen/month)
Severance Pay
Company's stock option
Resort contract
Company dormitory (27,000 Yen/month including electricity!)

★Family Convention (once a year)
All employees will gather to have a general meeting to listen to management plan, reward ceremony and party.


Chance to work with major brands such as 『焼肉きんぐ』『寿司・しゃぶしゃぶ ゆず庵』『丸源ラーメン』

The assigned store will be decided after taking consideration of candidate's characteristic and experience.

Every store will include flow of staff management, OJT training, senior training. Candidate will first start as store's staff in order to remember customer/staff's characteristic, store's operation, etc.

★Chance to be a shop master within 1 year to experienced candidate in Restaurant field.
Please aim to Area Manager position!
★Career path selection
The training department 「Monogatari Academy」was established in 2002.

※Staffs will be divided into classes depends on their positon. Every class is conducted by professionals in the field.
Not only knowledge in Service industry, staff will be able to learn about management skill, business style, self-advancement.
- A special training program for TOP class 4 times/year available
- A separated training progarm for each position, overseas training, focused training are available
- A good promotion program with shop master, deputy manager, area manager, sales manager, etc.
- Promotion to head office available


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