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Professiona lRestaurant Jobs

It is getting harder to find a job that suits among thousands of restaurant.
Why not find your dream Restaurant Jobs with our professional career consultant team?
All services provided are free.


Kojinten no Mikata job

With Kojinten no Mikata job, you will have a chance to experience 1 day of trial working in your dream restaurant before making a decision.
We understand your worries before starting a new job, thus we create a job trial system for candidates to have a successful job hunting.

NO WORRIES with Job Trial System


You may have passion for Service/Restaurant industry but your current working environment isn't good?
Change it from today by working for your dream restaurant!

Ngày nghỉ

Working Time

Good Welfare Benefits

Start up Support

・Branch set-up system
・Start-up support system
・Facility such as company dormitory

Your skill is valued!

  • High Income
  • Promotion

"Shop master" or "Area Manager" are the jobs that receive high income and good promotion opportunities but often are lack of information in normal recruitment channel. This is when the professional career counsellor helps.
Through our service, job will be offered to candidates based on their true skill and capability.